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Our mission at Midwest Mechanical and Life Safety Services is to make your building safer, healthier, and more energy efficient for people and the environment.

We accomplish this by conducting life safety inspections, improving indoor air quality, reducing energy consumption, and promoting sustainable building operations.

If you're a university, hospital, pharmaceutical building, laboratory, or a commercial building, we have a service that will benefit you. Take a look to pick the one that is right for you. We offer free quotes, competitive pricing and documented results. Give us a call and let us know which service best fits your needs.

Hospitals, our fire barrier program and our fire/smoke damper inspections will provide evidence to insurance underwriters, joint commission, and state fire marshals that you are maintaining fire-rated walls and ensuring they are kept to code in the future. Also, our room certifications will assist in satisfying your yearly state and joint commission inspections.


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testimonial/Case Study

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We have used MMLSS for several years to service our Biological Safety Cabinets and HVAC systems. We have found them to be dependable, knowledgeable, and thorough. We have experienced good communication and personable staff with good response time for service calls.
-Stan (St. Louis University)
I use Midwest Mechanical and Life Safety Services to conduct our yearly air change and room pressure differential testing. They do a great job for us every year. Any problems found are brought to my attention. After that the problems are repaired and my report always arrives in a timely matter. I highly recommend their services to any one.
-Jeremy Mueller

Case Study

Problem Statement:

A Hospital in Southern IL got sited for their decontamination room being positive to the clean sterile room during a JACHO inspection.


Conducted an assessment of the exhaust system that provided the exhaust air for the decontamination room. Determined that exhaust air volume in the decontamination room was very low. Discovered exhaust fan was running in the wrong direction. Maintanance department had replaced motor in the past, but did not check fan rotation. A simple switching of wiring got the fan spinning correctly and the exhaust air to decontamination room back to design flow.


The decontamination room went negative to the clean sterile room like it should be. Hospital did not get an official write up for incorrect air flow because the problem was corrected within 24 hours!

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